December 1, 2017 will reach the mile stone of 10 years as a business.

We want to thank all our customers and partners who have made this journey possible during the first 10 years. We look for to continue to develop together with you during many years to come.

In the ambition of always supplying the best performance to paper machines and effluent treatments, ACM work continuously with evaluating current products versus alternative or completely new products. This is a necessity when customer processes conditions change over time . The reason for a product change can also be purely to optimize costs. During the last year ACM have replaced its own products in four different applications in Sweden.

Since some time we cooperate with the Taiwanese company Chitec to establish their products in the Nordic market. Chitec is focused on UV-stabilizers, HALS, photo initiators and anti-oxidants to coatings, plastics and rubber. The products are produced in modern facilities with low environmental impact. During the last few years they have had greater focus on Europe, through REACH registration and set up of a distribution network.

During many years ACM have supplied chemical concepts for paper machines and effluent treatments. The concepts consist of bentonite, fixatives and polyacrylamides.
-We have now taken one step further and included PAC (Poly aluminum chloride) in our range. The concepts will be adapted to each individual customer according to their needs and function. It can be one- two- or three component systems depending on the conditions in each case, according to Jan Larsson, Account Manager at the Paper department.

ImercareTM is our range of minerals for cosmetics. Since a few years Imerys has developed and promoted this range of natural minerals to cosmetics formulations. Based on deep mineral knowledge and R&D experts with long experience of developing formulations for the cosmetics industry, they have been able to develop a unique product portfolio.

We have now received our first order of Imerplast for injection moulding, which is an important step in establishing Imerplast in the plastic processing industry. We aim to establish this material as an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin PE and PP and see an interesting growth potential in the Swedish market.

Imerplast uses unique mineral- and compatibilization technology to make it possible to use un-sorted recycled PE and PP in a number of different applications. This compound makes it possible to offer recycled material with stable specifications batch to batch for applications that normally demand virgin material.

During a couple of years we have worked with improvement of the supply chain for our range of dispersing agents.

This work has now lead to new business and considerable growth in quantities.
The range of DispStar® consists of a complete line of dispersing agents for the coating and adhesives industry and for paper coating.

For requests please contact one of sales representatives.

During the fall of 2015 ACM’s cooperation with ACAT was extended to include the paper industry in France, Spain and Belgium.

A subsidy in France was established and we took over existing business. Since this establishment a little over one year ago the development has been very positive. The French subsidy is now positioned with larger accounts in both France and Belgium and the turnover has doubled since the end of 2015

As a way of improving our customer service ACM open a new warehouse in Gothenburg from January 1.
Earlier all goods were stored in our warehouse in Falkenberg but after analysis of costs and logistics flow a decision has been taken to move the products for the paper industry from the Falkenberg warehouse to the new warehouse in Gothenburg.

In 2015 Imerys acquired the PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) division from Solvay. This organization has now been integrated into Imerys Carbonates.
While we are now signing a new contract with Imerys Carbonates division the range of PCC will also be included. PCC is very pure calcium carbonate with small particle size.
With these products there are interesting opportunities in paints, sealants and PVC products

During 2016 ACM had a turnover of 85,3 MSEK, which is and increase by 15.6 % compared to 2015. The increased sales is partly related to the company expansion in France and Belgium.

Another strong contributing factor is the positive development for the business with the Swedish Paper Industry during 2016. In 2013 and 2014 the paper department had weaker years. After that the trend has  reversed and 2016 was the best year for our paper department in several years.

Emil Engvall, new Managing Director Emil Engvall, new Managing Director

Emil has been with ACM now for four years and over the last year been the overall Sales Manager for the company. He has proven during his time with ACM that he has the ability to manage and develop the company further.
Through the leadership of Emil ACM will continue to focus on developing our business. Through enhanced cooperation with customers and suppliers ACM will continue to grow sales and will always be looking for new applications.
We wish Emil success in his new position!
Tommy Petersson and Bengt Wigermo