For the plastics industry we have a wide range of calcium carbonates and kaolin. Calcium carbonate is offered as standard products as well as tailor made products with controlled particle size distribution and surface treatment.

In film and packaging they give the possibility of high loading level with maintained or improved product properties. Kaolin and calcium carbonate can be used in plastic flooring products to improve scratch resistance, whiteness and dimensional stability.

Imerplast is a range of engineered compounds based on a mix of recycled PE and PP. Thanks to a unique mineral and compatibilization technology the recycled waste of PE and PP can be used without sorting but still offer product properties suitable to replace virgin PE and PP in many applications.

Imerplast portfolio offers products to twin wall pipes, injection moulding and wood plastic composites. Imerys R&D continuously develop new grades to extend the opportunities with Imerplast.

Imerplast gives plastic processing companies excellent opportunity to increase use of recycled material, which improves company sustainability profile and works towards European legislation on increased plastic recycling rates.

Product names:
Polwhite,  Infilm, Polestar, Imercarb, Filmlink, Supercoat, Imerplast

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