Our range of minerals to paint, varnish, plaster and ink consists of extenders such as kaolin and calcium carbonate, matting agents in the form of diatomite and perlite and specialty minerals like mica.

We offer untreated, surface treated and calcined products.

Product names:
Polwhite, Speswhite, Supreme, Optigloss, Polsperse,  Polestar, Opacilite, Imercarb, Polcarb, Carbital, Queensfil,  Diafil, Celtix, Optimat, Ecoflat, och Mica.

We also have dispersing agents, thickeners, defoamers, wetting agents, thixotropic agents and adhesion promoters.

Product names:
Dispstar, Defoamstar, Socal and Tytan