PULP & PAPER  -  Dry Strength

Development of the paper industry is increasingly moving to find new product areas and markets, while at the same time the quest is to increase quality and reduce costs.

More and more paper mills have the ambition to cut costs by lower basis weight, or alternatively replace the fiber with fillers. The problem is that the paper strength and quality usually falls.

Recently, several types of chemicals designed to keep or increase the paper strength when the amount of fiber and/or filler is changed. The common name for these products is:
Dry strength agent

We market today three types of dry strength agents:
  • Polyvinylamine (PVAm)
  • GPAM (Glyoxylated polyacrylamide)
  • Starch based polymer

We always do lab.works in order to select the product that is best suited for a test run.

Product name:
BondStar®, PrimeBOND®